Wholesale Information

Do you want to serve high quality coffee that makes a direct impact?

Our supply is consistent, world-class coffee, ethically sourced from the best growing regions in the world, locally roasted in Melbourne.

We have partnered with an established roaster that has decades of industry experience. Their knowledge, passion and know-how comes packaged with our delicious coffees. 

All our beans are transparently sourced, expertly roasted and quality controlled by a certified Q-Grader ensuring you and your customers receive the premium consistency in every cup.

You’ll be proud tell everyone why you serve Underdog because every cup helps a pup! 

25% of all profits are donated directly to our partner volunteer run rescue groups across the country. We can also partner with your local rescue group to bring support within your local community.  

Now we don't have all budget or fancy equipment of the big guys but we do have consistent, quality product and a mission that will drive our growth for change.

We can provide a number of in store assets to tell our story to inspire and support your business and our mission!

Drink Coffee, Save Dogs.


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