The Underdogs - Pound Patrol

Dog First, Breed Second.

Every year over 200,000 dogs enter the Australia "pound" system. Around 80,000 are reclaimed, 70,000 are re-homed or rescued and close to 45,000 are euthanised. 

A major percentage of the dogs entering the pounds are the "bullies" which make up a broad range of American & English staffies and mixes.

These dogs are the true Underdog that are constantly discriminated against, stereotyped and mislabeled. If you have ever had a bully in your life you know the love, loyalty and life they can bring into a home. 



We have been big fans of the work Pound Patrol have been doing over the years and when we launched The Underdog Co they were the first ones we wanted to support.

There are over 1000 independent rescue groups across Australia but Pound Patrol is unique. They focus 100% of their time and effort on the renowned "Staffy" or "Bullies" that are already impounded and facing being euthanised. 

Pound Patrol focus on the greater western Sydney area pounds as they tend to fill up quite quickly and the risk of euthanasia is a weekly occurrence.  


A few words from Lisa Younes Founder of Pound Patrol.

We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to rescuing dogs whilst juggling (paid) work, family & personal commitments. We rely on the generosity of volunteers, foster carers, and donations from the community in order to help the dogs at risk.

Pound Patrol is a not-for-profit registered charity that aims to raise awareness and help re-home dogs that are due to be euthanised, or are just not coping in various pounds across NSW.

We believe that if it wasn't for people like Lisa and her team focusing on these Underdogs that not only would a number of them not make it out of the pound but even fewer would have a voice to find them a better outcome.
Find out more about Pound Patrol below and how you can help them.
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